Big Post of Painted Grenadier Dragon of the Month Club and Ral Partha Miniature Dragons

I’ve been working on Commissons so have a huge post of Dragons which I unearthed on an external hard drive.  Sadly, the camera didn’t do these justice.  Old camera.  Old vid card.  Old monitor which was set on 800×600.  By todays standards, these are horrible pictures.  These are all sold, but I was excited to find I still had some record of them.


silver02 silver03



Grenadier Silver Dragon II (or III depending on the collector you ask.  Dragon of the Month Club.)spectral01 spectral02 spectral03

Grenadier Spectral Dragon II

white1 white2 white3

Grenadier White Dragon II

zzblack1 zzblack2 zzblack3

Grenadier Black Dragon II

zzblue1 zzblue2 zzblue3

Grenadier Blue Dragon II

zzbrass1 zzbrass2 zzbrass3

Grenadier Brass Dragon II

zzdracolisk1 zzdracolisk2 zzdracolisk3

Grenadier Dracolisk

zzgold1 zzgold2 zzgold3

Grenadier Gold Dragon II

zzgreen1 zzgreen2 zzgreen3 zzgreen4

Grenadier Green Dragon II

zzinvincible2zzinvincible1 zzinvincible3

Grenadier Invincible Dragon

zzralblue1 zzralblue2 zzralblue3 zzralblue4

Ral Partha Council of Wyrms Blue Dragon

zzralbrass1 zzralbrass2 zzralbrass3

Ral Partha Council of Wyrms Brass Dragon

zzred1 zzred2 zzred3

Grenadier Red Dragon II

zzundead1 zzundead2 zzundead3

Grenadier Undead Dragon

zzwyvern zzwyvern2

Ral Partha Bridge of Sorrows Wyvern on custom base.