Painted Wolfen Werewolf with Great Sword For Sale Rackham Confrontation Metal

After a long absence I’ve returned to painting. There were a lot of personal problems which I won’t bore anyone with. Suffice to say that I’m back and my painting levels have risen a bit. I finally felt able to tackle all these duplicate Confrontation figures I’ve had for over a decade in my personal collection.

You can buy this miniature here in my Ebay store.


Reaper Bones KhanJira the World Breaker arrived!

I just got my shipment of Bones Kickstarter #2 figures in and couldn’t resist putting this bad boy together right away.  Not only is he huge but minis have come a long, long way.  He’ll take some putty work, but nothing like the old metal GW dragons from back in the day.  For the most part the pieces fit together relatively snugly and some putty on the seams to fill small gaps is all that will be needed.  Instructions aren’t necessary, and the parts were all sculpted so you literally can’t make a mistake when you assemble him.

Did I mention he’s huge?  This guy is ready to take on your party and pick his teeth with their weapons!

I’ll be painting him to my best standard (spending 30-40 hours) next week and he’s headed for the Ebay store.