More on Primer Plus the Reaper Cloud Giantess from the Bones / Kickstarter Set

This isn’t for sale, yet, but the new Cloud Giantess from the new Reaper line of plastics.  The figures which I haven’t been particularly impressed with were some which also weren’t particularly good in metal, either.  The female Spider Centaur / Drider hasn’t got a very well defined nose in either casting, and her face isn’t as good as most of their miniatures.  This figure is about 3 inches tall and has really nice details.  The same can be said for the dwarf warrior I tackled and some others.  Those will be showing up on here during the week.

wmcloudgiantess01 wmcloudgiantess02

I settled on Tamiya fine, light grey spray primer for them.  As you can see below it’s not that dark so it didn’t interfere with my paint colors.  The beauty of this brand is that it sticks to nearly anything.  I’ve been able to spray odd plastics like toys with it and it stuck, where that’s not always the case with all other major brands.  If you don’t want grey,  you can buy it in white, too.  You can find his shop on Deep Discount Hobby or contact them through there  if you don’t see it for sale.


Above is a primed Bones figure.  They’re not really easy to photo as light as they are on a white background, but it let me see where I’d primed / missed without interfering with my details or paint colors.