Grading System

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In a perfect world, people would have oceans of money to spend on art.  The artists would be paid for the hours upon hours they labored, and every piece they produced could be a masterpiece.

Sadly, this is not a perfect world.

There are some lucky artists who can make a successful living like that, but many of us cannot.  I meet the public halfway when I paint miniatures or sell any art.  Customers only have so much to spend, and I can only invest so much time before I can’t pay my bills on what I make.  What I offer is a place where we meet in the middle.  (You can read more about how to reduce costs for miniatures on the Commissions page.)

A miniature which retails for $5.00 and has a starting price of $10.00 is not going to have a lot of work put into it.  I’ll try to make it look as perfect as possible in the short amount of time I have.  A $50.00 starting bid on a large dragon may have taken a full day or more if I was able to get a good deal on the figure itself.  Photorealistic digital paintings are more expensive than cell shading with just a few colors.  An oil painting which is 8×10 will cost less than one which is the size of a poster.  Cartoons will cost less than human portraits.

The basic idea is that I charge less for people who don’t mind a quicker job, particularly for miniatures which are going onto a game table and they just need a really basic paint job.  Some people want that where others want a higher grade.  I have no illusions that I’m Golden Demon quality, so unless it’s an incredibly expensive figure, you won’t see $100.00+ price tags on anything I sell.  My prices will range from as little as $8.00 and go up from there.  It all depends on the time and cost I already have invested in materials, miniatures (if applicable), and time spent.

Collectible: Anything I’ve spent a lot of hours on to make the best I possibly can.  This means at least 6 layers of each color is applied, the bases are fully flocked with multiple kinds of terrain, and there’s probably more hours sunk into it than I can afford.  These are very special pieces.

Deluxe: Close to collectible but a few less layers and a less complex base.

Moderate: Highlights, shadows, shading, but done quickly enough for the average spender.  This is often were my Ebay figures fall and are in the $15-$25 range for a figure which roughly retails for $5 in bare metal.

Basic: Simpler miniatures which don’t take as much effort or a straight forward paint job which has a shadow / base color / highlight for each color used.

Value: The simplest of figures or paint jobs which can be done in an hour or less.  This usually means things like a base coat, ink, and quick drybrush.

Army Builders:  For people who just need mass produced troops, these are figures in a very, very limited color scheme done fast and in units for war gaming.