About the Artist

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
James M. Barrie

Those are true words for me. Art is my calling not because I’ll ever get rich or famous from it, but because I love it. I do it out of both joy and compulsion. If it was suddenly outlawed tomorrow, I’d either lose my mind or find some way to secretly sink my paints to the bottom of the toilet tank and drag them out in secret.

I’ve worked for Reaper as a painter and have sold to satisfied customers all over the world for almost ten years.

My love of art isn’t limited to miniatures, pencil, oils, digital or any one thing. There’s a few mediums I’m not overly fond of, but I’m always interested in trying new things, in learning, and improving what I’m doing. I’m a professional artist because it’s how I earn my living. I’m sure many people know that the term “professional artist” has been thrown around Ebay with miniatures for years. I’m a firm believer you can have an art degree and still not be able to paint a miniature. The reverse is also true. You need only look at the Young Bloods in any Golden Demon competition to see that age and a degree don’t make a good miniature painter, or even a good artist.

I have been to college to study art, although I don’t have a degree. I learned much later in life that I have Dyscalculia (a math learning disorder) which was the real reason I struggled so hard and without success in math. By the time I was aware of the problem, the world and life had already begun doing a fine job of teaching me the lessons of art. I did learn good, solid art principals in school which I use in everything I do. I’d never dissuade anyone from following through on schooling for an art career. However, it’s not a matter of school for me. It’s a matter of passion. I love what I do, so I’d do it and try to improve and try new things all the time. If I won a half a trillion dollars in the lottery tomorrow, I’d still be making art.

I also really love miniatures, and have a large collection of my own which I occasionally get a chance to paint. My favorites are dragons, werewolves, and sea oriented figures. There’s all kinds and all brands in my collection from funny to serious, cowboys to knights on pegasi.

I’m not very active on Cool Mini or Not simply because I don’t have the time to be. If I let myself, I’d end up on there for hours upon hours, surfing and looking at the miniatures or talking to others. As a result, I don’t tend to be on forums in general or in many online communities at all.

I’ve never won any contests, although I’ve also never entered any. I know I’m in now way shape or form ready to try and compete in the Golden Demons, but I hope I might be able to do so at Reapercon someday in the future. It’s considerably closer to home, too.

Because I love animals and nature, I’ve always had a soft spot for anthropomorhic art. From Thundercats in the 80’s, to Ron Spencer’s werewolves and dragons, to Disney, I’ve always had a fascination for them. That’s to say nothing about the griffins and fantasy creatures I’ve always adored in any form. You’ll sometime see me on Furbid running auctions, but I’ve never attended an Anthrocon.

Aside from loving art and arts and crafts, I love to read, write, and my pets. I currently have one shelter dog who is a mixed breed, a bearded dragon, and a pet snake.

I’m currently in a very serious relationship with someone and when I’m not up to my armpits in some art related project, I’m with him.

I don’t watch much TV and Richard, my movie buff boyfriend, is in the process of cultivating my dreary lack of movie movie exposure. I do occasionally catch old comedy reruns or watch one of the CSIs or Law and Order Criminal Intent. Most of my free time is spent on other art projects for myself or playing some of the simpler video games like Diablo II or Pogo.com games.

I lead a pretty tame life.